Pool Building Process

Once you’ve approved the design of your custom pool and the permits have been pulled, it is time to begin the actual construction. Swimming pools are not built overnight but at Clearwater we work within a controlled time frame to have you swimming fast! We’ve outlined the building process below:

1. Layout /Form /Dig An outline will be made to determine exactly how your pool will be laid out in your backyard. This outline will be used to dig the pool. Watch as your pool begins to take shape!

2. Steel Steel will be contoured to shape your pool in the ground.

3. Shoot A mixture of sand, rock, cement and water will be shot from a hose into the steel. The result is a strong, durable pool shell.

4. Backfill /Plumbing High grade piping will be used to plumb your pool.

5. Tile If you’ve chosen a tile mosaic or tile edge detail for your pool, it will be carefully grouted into the pool at this time.

6. Decking The concrete for your deck will be poured around your pool. Your choice of textured concrete or pavers to beautify your deck will be installed.

7. Water Features If you’ve chosen a water feature such as a waterfall or rock feature, they will be added during this phase.

8. Plaster Pool Surface The pool surface style that you’ve chosen will be created using a smooth interior finish.

9. Set Equipment and Test All pool equipment will be tested and your water will be examined to make sure that your pool is working properly.

10. Pool School…SWIM! One of our professional pool specialists will visit your home and take you through the steps to make sure that you feel confident maintaining your beautiful pool year round. Now get in and SWIM!


Clearwater Outdoor Creations does new pool construction in Mandeville, Hammond, Metairie, Slidell, Covington, Ponchatoula, Kenner and Greater New Orleans.

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